January 18 Newsletter

January 18 Newsletter 16th January 2018

Public Sector Funding

Briar Associates’ Mechanical and Electrical Services Design Department are currently working with North Shropshire College to help secure Salix funding to implement new LED lighting and automatic lighting control sensors across their two main campuses, located in Oswestry and Walford.

The installation of the proposed new LED lighting will replace the existing fluorescent and tungsten halogen lighting systems which are inefficient and have become antiquated. The current systems are also reliant on manual switches, and thus can be left on for unnecessarily long periods of time. The energy savings associated with this project are estimated at £38,416 / year, saving the equivalent of 157 tonnes of CO2 per year. The financial payback is just less than 5 years; meeting the Salix funding criteria.

The maintenance team’s time and costs, which are associated with the continuous changing of existing failed lamps and ballasts, will also be significantly reduced. The new LED lamp life is rated at an estimated 50,000 hours, which is far higher than the existing fluorescent lamps rated at only 15,000 hours.

Salix Finance Ltd was established in 2004 and provides interest-free Government funding to the public sector in order to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower utility bills.

Salix funding is available for cost effective energy efficiency solutions that are capable of self-funding within the repayment terms of the interest free loan.

To date, Salix has successfully funded over 15,500 projects with over 1,160 public sector bodies, valued at in excess of £560million. This has saved the public sector £136 million annually, and in future will reduce public sector carbon dioxide emissions by 694,414 tonnes annually.

Briar Associates have been working collaboratively with Salix Finance for almost 10 years and to date have delivered projects that have saved the public sector in excess of £5 million through reduced energy consumption.

We offer a turnkey approach to making use of Salix funding. This includes a free survey to identify Salix compliant opportunities, management of the application process, and design and project management of the implementation. This service is delivered within Salix compliant funding, ensuring the project stands alone financially and self-finances.

If you’re keen to have a free assessment and gain funding for energy efficient improvements, then please contact Briar Associates today on 01384 397777.

Current Market Position

Energy prices in December were largely dominated by changes in the UK weather
and disruption to supplies from Europe.

As December began, temperatures fell resulting in higher demand. With storage reserves muted due to the problems at Rough and weak LNG imports, wholesale prices began to creep upwards.

Prices saw sharp increases mid-month following the shutdown of the North Sea Forties oil pipeline. The pipeline connects over 80 gas fields to the British mainland, which led to a number of fields being shutdown. This was compounded by a gas explosion at a key Austrian gas hub which disrupted supplies on the continent. These supply problems came at a time when the UK was experiencing its highest level of gas demand for three years.

Following the bank holidays, temperatures were above the seasonal norm and demand was significantly lower than expected. This along with increased supply from Belgium bought prices back down.

Looking forward, there remain some concerns over the UK’s supply flexibility on the gas system as withdrawals hit record levels to cover the disruptions.

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